Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3

Continuation of the popular anime cartoon was created and directed by Hisashi Saito Warner Bros. Production IMS in 2015.

Release date anime series Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2017.


What could be more unpleasant than a sudden finding relatives that you did not like. Especially if you - the young boy, who is under the constant care of a caring and vigilant father. And then, bam, in your family and you do not become two (you and Dad), and as many as four, because suddenly raining down on your head the two sisters.

Come they were just people, but in fact there. Dad knew who "drag." Neither more nor less - and devil succubus. And the Pope himself, by the way, had disappeared, after telling you that you - hero and your mission - to look for the evil that is in the anime "new covenant of the Lord of Darkness, my sister," as time and is one of the sisters.

In short, it is all of the above and struck the head of the young Tojo Basara, who, by the way, a child really wanted a sister.

Only now, after the long-awaited "acquisition", he can not imagine how this demonessoy all can talk, and it is desirable so as not to have the desire to kill her. But the father is given "order" - to follow the wayward girl. The best way out of this situation, what kind of conclusion "of the contract," Basara found.

From all the conditions, he "agrees" to become a slave to his demonic sister. So at least it will always be "at hand", and it will not kill other characters. Let have a little "pounizhatsya".

But heaven is seen, decided to laugh at this strange couple of relatives and instead drag slavish existence suddenly becomes Mr. Basara ...



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