Stan Against Evil season 2

The new season of the comedy with horror elements show  film company created "3 Arts Entertainment" in 2016.

Release date tv series Stan Against Evil season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - November 1, 2017.

Perhaps the most unpredictable genre - a mix of comedy and horror. It is in this new style filmed TV series "Stan against the forces of evil."

The first season started in November 2016. Prior to the airing of the prepared eight funny series, the duration of each in 20 minutes.

The project evokes mixed emotions. On the one hand, everything that happens on the screen - cheap, banal, primitive. But on the other - the show attracted by its simplicity and unpretentious.

Is there a future for such an epic project - hard to say. Genre Comedy and horror - rather complex and unpredictable combination. Making predictions for the next season is still early. However, the first series of pleased affect dynamic and vivid characters.


New Hampshire - a small town, where everyone knows each other. He is not rich in entertainment and the only attraction points - its legends. During the witch hunts local sheriff burned at the stake 172 sorceresses. Rumor has it that the post of chief of police cursed. All sheriffs died of unknown strength and mysterious circumstances. The only one who managed to avoid punishment - Stan Miller.

However, the man was unable to come out on a well-deserved retirement. At the funeral of his beloved wife, he started a brawl with a terrible grandmother, who smiled at him brazenly. Now, New Hampshire welcomes a new sheriff. And for the first time to this post he was appointed a woman. Yvelines Barrett - a single mother and a daughter. When the assistant tells her about the horrible curse, lady laughs. However, her skepticism is fading away, as soon as she meets a witch.

Meanwhile, Stan comes home and walks into the room late wife. There is a lot of mystical things. It turns out that all this time favorite protect him from evil forces with the help of magic. And when the woman died, Stan and his successor Yvelines - defenseless. Now, sheriffs will fight against the cruel witch. But after winning the heroes waiting for an unpleasant surprise. It turns out they have to be sent to hell even 171 th monster ...

Does it feel in the series of horror genre? Sometimes! Directed often use the element of surprise. Ugly, muzzle wrinkled witch appears out of nowhere and just once on the entire screen and off-screen scream. If the monster is slower, it may seem in a window or around the corner. However, all these evil beings are usually quite nice, is not trying to kill the protagonists.

There are a lot of new, interesting and really funny jokes. Comic situations cause a smile on his lips. But not as often happens, the expression of discontent mixed with incomprehension. The credit quality of humor is not only the work of the writers. Source laughter in the series - Stan.

Retired Sheriff plays the incomparable John C. McGinley. The actor is known to viewers for his role as Dr. Cox in the popular sitcom "The Clinic". From the closing of the show, it took six years. Logically, a man a little older.

However, gray hair, mustache and beard could not erase from his face shining smile. The actor perfectly succeed sarcastic jokes. The image of a skeptic and eternally dissatisfied choleric is not new for him. But the strength of John is that every time his gloomy character fresh and desirable audience.

Stan's daughter Denise - a real find. She's sweet and funny at the same time. on the mental development of a teenage girl is no different from the five-year child. In another series, this character would be the pinnacle of bad taste, vulgarity and would cause only negative emotions. However, in the show "Stan against the forces of evil," the girl looks good. Moreover, it wants to see. The heroine has something abnormal impact on the viewer.


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