Star Wars Rebels season 4

Continuation of the American three-dimensional animated series created by Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Animation based on the Universe of the same name in 2014.

Release date animated series Star Wars Rebels season 4 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - September 25, 2017.


The main events of the animated series "Star Wars: Rebels" unfold five years before the original trilogy.
The Galactic Empire already exists for several years.

Her power is growing, and the army is number. Through the forces of its stormtroopers and fighters, it occupied the remote world, subduing the population and setting new rules for life.

But not all took their unenviable fate, as a matter of course. There were those who are ready to fight even in the already seemingly lost war.

The crew of the ship called "Ghost" is among the rebels and is trying to change the alignment of forces in their favor.

Among them there is a former Jedi, his student, recently stealing, a versatile girl who owns the ship, a leader of a whole race, a muscle, an explosives specialist and an astrodroid named Chopper.

They are very different and each had independent reasons for replenishing the ranks of the rebels. The Ghost team becomes a threat to even such an impressive enemy as the Empire. And these brave souls do not intend to surrender without a fight.

Star Wars Rebels season 4 release date

Series titleRelease date
4x01Series 1September 25, 2017
4x02Series 2October 2, 2017
4x03Series 3October 9, 2017
4x04Series 4October 16, 2017
4x05Series 5October 23, 2017
4x06Series 6October 30, 2017
4x07Series 7November 7, 2017
4x08Series 8November 14, 2017
4x09Series 9November 21, 2017
4x10Series 10November 28, 2017
4x11Series 11December 5, 2017
4x12Series 12December 12, 2017
4x13Series 13December 19, 2017
4x14Series 14December 26, 2017
4x15Series 15January 2, 2018
4x16Series 16January 9, 2018
4x17Series 17January 16, 2018
4x18Series 18January 23, 2018
4x19Series 19January 30, 2018
4x20Series 20February, 6 2018



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