Stranger Things season 2

Continued American serial movie horror, directed by Ross Daffera, famous for popular films, one of his works was the cult action film "Real Steel" c Hugh Jackman, as it is one of the creators of the trilogy, "Night at the Museum."

Release date tv series Stranger Things season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - July 15, 2017.

After the successful premiere of the franchise "Stranger Things season" has received positive reviews and just blasting ratings in July 2016 Film Studio "21 Laps Entertainment" decides to extend the project for a second season, which will begin shooting this summer.

The main cast of the series will remain the same, but it is possible that the project will replenish with new characters.

Starring Winona Ryder, Millie Bobbi Brown best known for the TV series "NCIS," Finn Vulfard played a role in the long-running TV series "Supernatural" and David Harbour familiar from the TV series "Banshee" officially confirmed the agreement on the shooting to continue.


Actions occur in the distant 1983 in Indiana, USA. The protagonist teenager Will after playing with friends late at night coming home, when on the way to his eyes, there was something strange and unusual, miracle boy flees.

I will have thought that he was safe and not that he did not threaten, but something strange yet caught up with the boy and carried away with him.

Will's mother and brother in an application to the police, but detectives are at first very skeptical to the point, as the town is quite quiet and serious crimes, especially kidnappings it never happened.

However, the hope that the boy showed up himself fades with each hour, will clear up soon, that was close to the mysterious laboratory in which the accident occurred, and guinea girl with unusual abilities escapes on her quest sent a squad of trained special forces.

Then it becomes clear that these two cases are directly related to each other if the main characters will be able to reveal this mystery of the disappearance, and shed light on the picture of the situation as a whole, it remains a mystery.

Stranger Things season 2 release date

Series titleRelease date
2x01Series 1July 15, 2017
2x02Series 2July 15, 2017
2x03Series 3July 15, 2017
2x04Series 4July 15, 2017
2x05Series 5July 15, 2017
2x06Series 6July 15, 2017
2x07Series 7July 15, 2017
2x08Series 8July 15, 2017


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