Suits season 7

In July 2016, the premiere of the continuation of the popular American TV series created by Aaron Korsch scenario.

Release date tv series Suits season 7 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - June 11, 2017.

Due to the huge popularity of the project, a film studio "Dutch Oven" after consulting with producers unanimously decided to extend the franchise.

Above the new season of the series, by the way the second name of "Video Games Law," will work just three directed by Anton Cropper, Michael Smith and Kevin Bray received wide recognition for his work on projects "How to Get Away with Murder", "White Collar" and "Person of Interest".

Starring in "force majeure" will perform already known to viewers cast - Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman, Patrick J. Adams, Gina Torres is widely known to the public for the trilogy "The Matrix" and other actors.

Interesting facts

  • The main character of Rachel in one episode gives advice to his partner Mike go to the restaurant which is located on Columbus Avenue building 652, at that address in New York, in fact, it is a culinary institution «KFC».
  • The storyline of the series and all the action takes place in the United States of America in New York City, but shooting in the Canadian city of Toronto.
  • In one of the episodes will antihero Devlin McGregor - Head of the organization whose leadership, scoffs at its collaborators, the character previously appeared in the film "The Fugitive" and the TV series "Boston Legal" as well as a negative character.
  • The draft scenarios hero Meghan Markle had another name Rachel Lane, and just after the start of filming has changed.
  • In 2011, the series of "force majeure" took second place among the best projects of the year.
  • In some series heroine Zoe Lawford takes part in the performance of actress Jacinda Berret, in real life it is a legitimate spouse Gabriel Macht who played in the "force majeure" character Harvey Specter,
  • In one scene, a character Louis Litt, performed by actor Rick Hoffman, talking on "Skype" with their parents, in fact, it was the real parents of the actor.


The storyline of "force majeure" reveals to viewers the story of the professional activities of the two lawyers who work exclusively on cases with regards to fraud in the financial sector.

The main characters seemingly completely different people, one of them, Henry experienced professionals for his legal career has completed a large number of cases with a positive outcome.

Second, Mike has less experience, but very clever and cunning, and in this he is a genius. Mike colossal memory, absence of arrogance and ambition is not true.

That is why he was admitted to the well-known firm Spectrum and Harvey without legal education, as opposed to those who finished training institutes.

Henry and Mike working as a team capable of great things from them came a kind of invincible tandem.
By tradition, each episode of the seventh season will not be connected with each other, they are separately disclosed the most serious cases, as the audience is waiting for the humor and an unforgettable viewing pleasure.

Suits season 7 release date

Series titleRelease date
7x01Series 1June 11, 2017
7x02Series 2June 18, 2017
7x03Series 3June 25, 2017
7x04Series 4July 2, 2017
7x05Series 5July 9, 2017
7x06Series 6July 16, 2017
7x07Series 7July 23, 2017
7x08Series 8July 30, 2017
7x09Series 9August 6, 2017
7x10Series 10August 13, 2017
7x11Series 11January 20, 2018
7x12Series 12January 27, 2018
7x13Series 13September 2, 2017
7x14Series 14September 9, 2017
7x15Series 15September 16, 2017
7x16Series 16September 23, 2017


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