Supernatural season 13

The new season of the cult fantasy saga film company created "Kripke Enterprises" and directors Philip Sgriccia and Robert Singer scenario franchise founder Eric Kripke.

Release date tv series Supernatural season 13 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 9, 2017.

Information that "Warner Bros. Television" extended "Supernatural" has appeared before the premiere of the last part, and now shows the ratings continue to rise.

Starring in the new season will perform all the well-known favorites, American actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Rights to broadcast the show has a well-known television channel "The CW", as broadcasting a series about a super hero "Flash" and the post-apocalyptic project "Hundred".


Supernatural Serial movie tells the story of two brothers, namely Dean and Sam Winchester.

They travel across the country, killing and destroying on the way different evil, thus, trying to avenge the tragic accident that took place in their family in the past, which is to blame, "red-eyed demon."

From the first minutes of the first series, the show is breathtaking and your attention, and believe me, it will continue until the last minute of the last series, immersing you into the world of the supernatural and the unknown.

Supernatural series boasts an original and unique twist that you will not find in other films with the same theme. You may ask "What is there in principle, can be new?"
And you will be right, because there are so many TV series on the subject, for example - "Deminion" or "Vampire Diaries." But you sure looked the show that new and original ideas lacking here.

I note, first of all, the unique style of the series, in which he sustained. You may notice that dominate pale yellow tone and one of the main pieces of the film, this is a tune that is heard at the end of each series of the brothers of the machine. Monsters, also did not disappoint, although sometimes it seems that too many ghosts, instead of sturdy terrible demons.

I would like to draw attention to the director's work - namely, each new series puts a different director. A strange decision, but I want to say, good. Not to mention the good words of the actors who have done their job for five-plus - Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, igrayushie brothers. What grade would you put an original, interesting and exciting series - of course, 10 points.

If I, a lover of romantic stories with beautiful characters and great ending anyone ever said that I was interested in this kind of film, honestly, I would have just laughed! And suddenly it occurred to me - I was fascinated horror. Film Supernatural!

First of all, I immediately realized that the film carries a meaning, it is a good director's work. And that the money invested in the picture, not spent in vain. The movie looks easy, in the same breath.

And some scenes just cause "creeps" - a mystical scene, apocalyptic. The filmmakers have achieved what they wanted, and - the audience terribly!

The series is good in that terrible moment harmoniously intertwined with sweet and touching, often funny. He keeps in suspense, but at the same time gives you the opportunity to relax, when we see how the brothers Dean and Sam decide to stand in front of them the next problem.

The share of the brothers Sam and Dean fell as much adventure! What only evil spirits they do not have to encounter and compete throughout the film. I am always amazed at the scale of imagination of the series Supernatural writers. Because on the screen appear such a monster, which the common man's imagination is unlikely to ever be able to draw itself.

Psychologically accurately shows the relationship between the brothers - they are, of course, argue, like all normal people, funny find out the relationship, but throughout the film the viewer feels that binds brothers touching pure brotherly love.

Impressed by the fact that this is not some sverhgeroi, and people with certain abilities, perform a special mission, which may be wrong, do not know whether they are doing the right thing, but to do things, and this helps a lot.

Supernatural - excellent well-made series in the best traditions of the genre with a great cast.

Supernatural season 13 release date

Series titleRelease date
13x01Series 1October 9, 2017
13x02Series 2October 16, 2017
13x03Series 3October 23, 2017
13x04Series 4October 30, 2017
13x05Series 5November 6, 2017
13x06Series 6November 13, 2017
13x07Series 7November 20, 2017
13x08Series 8November 27, 2017
13x09Series 9December 4, 2017
13x10Series 10December 11, 2017
13x11Series 11January 21, 2018
13x12Series 12January 28, 2018
13x13Series 13February 4, 2018
13x14Series 14February 11, 2018
13x15Series 15February 18, 2018
13x16Series 16February 25, 2018
13x17Series 17March 4, 2018
13x18Series 18March 11, 2018
13x19Series 19March 18, 2018
13x20Series 20March 25, 2018
13x21Series 21April 1, 2018
13x22Series 22April 8, 2018
13x23Series 23April 15, 2018


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