Taboo Tattoo season 2

Continuation of the popular adventure anime series director of the project "Heavy Object" Takashi Watanabe.

Released anime series Taboo Tattoo season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - July 11, 2017.

TV series "Forbidden Tattoo" based on the cult manga, which is available for several years.

According to official information, the project extended, the fans in the new season is waiting for more adventures of the main characters and intriguing moments.

Currently, the public is available eleven volumes of the print edition, and this is another undeniable fact that it is bound to be continued.

As we offer to get acquainted with the most discussed novelties cartoons from the "high places".


The protagonist teenager Sėĭgo Akatsuka be trained at a private school named Harumi, in one of the training days, he assists the homeless old man, thus saving his life from bullying thugs from the street.

The old man has decided to reward the brave boy, leaving his wrist tattoo invoice, after Saying that it is hidden powerful force, which will help him to know the truth of all life and life on earth.

As it turned out later the tattoo and the truth is the secret weapon, with a mysterious name "spell-cross", it gives the owner of an invincible force and energy.

This artifact was lost by special services of the United States of America, and is now trying to find a carrier agents tattoos. The strength hidden in it as well proznal leader of the powerful criminal group serine, who also asked for all their efforts on the search for the boy.

In the beginning, Seigo had no idea about his new abilities, but soon he meets a pretty girl Izzy, who is a secret agent - a lieutenant of the very special services.



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    Could y’all let me know when season 2 of Taboo Tattoo is released in English dubbed version?


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