The 100 season 5

The new season of the popular sci-fi show, was created by Jason Rothenberg and film company "Alloy Entertainment" commissioned by TV channel "The CW" on the basis of the same works writer Cass Morgan.

Release date tv series The 100 season 5 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - February 2, 2018.

The main role during all seasons takes the increasingly popular actress Eliza Taylor, Eliza was born in Australia, before the premiere of the show was not working in the United States.

Together with her on set involved Marie Avgeropoulos best known for the TV series "Supernatural" Bob Morley, Isaiah Washington played in "Grey's Anatomy", Henry Ian Cusick and Paige Turco, it we met in the detective "in sight" and the drama "The Good Wife ".


Actions in the TV series "hundreds" takes place after a century after a nuclear apocalypse on Earth. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, radiation spreads across the planet.

Some managed to survive, remains in orbit 12 stations, their union formed the Ark, which helped keep them alive. The third generation wanted to live on the Earth, where the atmosphere of life reigns.

Departure to Earth a spacecraft with minors was a test by which they want to know the future of humanity, and whether life on Earth. The intrigue continues to delay the audience to view the show and open something new in the second season ...

In the second season, viewers will be able to see how events developed further. What happens after the administration of juvenile prisoners in the lifeless earth in order to check on the living conditions of the organism. History bears a lot of drama, intricate plot.

This time we take a look at the individual hero, it is intended to clarify the plot to the viewer's head so that he could understand the essence of the series, to unravel the complex puzzle.
The plot is raised in the first season - the main idea of ​​where the director keeps the audience in suspense every minute, a minor character dies in the eyes of the main character. Not only will the protagonist to survive such an episode in his life, and still waiting for what will happen in the third season.

After a serious man-made disaster found that not everyone was able to survive, the Earth is impregnated with death, and no one can get back to where before everything breathed life.

After that, a century has passed, when people lived on this earth. Those who survived found shelter on a huge spaceship Earth's orbit. On Earth send checks the quality of life and ability to dwell there.
No one dared to decide on such a risky move, and it was sent to prison. Like no other, the guys want tains, they will have a real struggle for survival.

On the Earth's surface all seems so scary, and there is almost no chance of it they find out the hard way, after passing tests, threatening to bring death. Here and the long-awaited denouement of the series, the viewer will finally be able to find out what is behind this intriguing story, having to conquer the hearts of the audience throughout the three seasons ....

The 100 season 5 release date

Series titleRelease date
5x01Series 1February 2, 2018
5x02Series 2February 9, 2018
5x03Series 3February 16, 2018
5x04Series 4February 23 2018
5x05Series 5March 1, 2018
5x06Series 6March 8, 2018
5x07Series 7March 15, 2018
5x08Series 8March 22, 2018
5x09Series 9March 29, 2018
5x10Series 10April 5, 2018
5x11Series 11April 12, 2018
5x12Series 12April 19, 2018
5x13Series 13April 26, 2018
5x14Series 14May 3, 2018
5x15Series 15May 10, 2018
5x16Series 16May 17, 2018

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