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The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun

Thrilling and wildly funny, the "Tintin" stories chronicle the escapades of a junior reporter who has a nose for a good story and a talent for attracting trouble, which more often than not imperils his life! Spielberg and Jackson have selected three stories from the "Tintin" book series to develop into theatrical feature films, which they intend to direct back to back, employing state of the art performance capture technology.

While it hasn't been confirmed yet which story lines will be used for this sequel, many believe that the Hergé books Prisoners of the Sun and Seven Crystal Balls will be used for The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun. Desination Moon and Explorers on the Moon have been rumored to be used for the Untitled Third Tintin Film.

  • Director: Peter Jackson
  • Writers: Hergé (creator), Anthony Horowitz (screenplay)
  • Stars: Andy Serkis, Jamie Bell
  • Production Co: Amblin Entertainment, DreamWorks, Hemisphere Media Capital

Release date

Said sequel is to be titled “Prisoners of the Sun” and doesn’t yet have a release date. “We already have a screenplay, Peter’s the director and I’m the producer,” Spielberg adds. “We made a deal to do three ‘Tintin’ movies together. I would direct the first one, Peter would do the second one and then we’d have a director we can’t announce yet lined up for the third one.”

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I don't usually care for computer animation, but this movie is exceptional. Both the story and animation are the best I've ever seen on screen. Shouldn't be surprised since it was directed by Steven Spielberg. This one is a must for any DVD collection. It's far superior to anything Disney has released...

I love Tintin so much and Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson has done a fantastic job with the film and it was so awesome when they used motion capture and realistic animation to match the characters looks from the books 🙂 Herge´ would have been proud of this movie :)...

They said in one of the making of's on my DVD that they were having a lot of trouble making the Tintin movie different from Indiana Jones. Since a French critic kept bringing Tintin up in his Indy review, I can see why it would be hard. But I love this movie. Spielberg and Jackson did a GREAT job. Hope to see another one! ...

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