The Big Bang Theory season 11

The new season of the US sitcom created by the film studio "Warner Bros. Television" and directed Mark Cendrowski, Chuck Lorre on the script for "CBS" channel.

Release date tv series The Big Bang Theory season 11 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - September 23, 2017.

The first mention of the creation of the franchise tells the story of the life of physicists geniuses appeared in 2005, a year later came the pilot episode, which blew up the ratings.

Soon sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" has become popular around the world, according to experts, the audience for season 11 will be in the millions, which undoubtedly will make the project one of the most successful products of the studio "Warner Bros".

In addition, the series has won many awards, including several awards "Golden Globe".

Starring in the new series "The Big Bang Theory" will perform the essential personality Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg, Johnny Galecki, Kunal Neyer and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting played in the cult TV series "Escape" and "Charmed."

Some amazing facts about the show, you probably have not heard:

  • According to the scenario, the first trio protagonists named Kenny, Penny, Lenny but soon came up with them at least funny names.
  • During the filming of the pilot, the role of the heroine Penny went to Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, but then made a replacement producer Amanda Walsh, in the end, and all the choice has stopped on the popular actress Kaley Cuoco.
  • Each new series of Howard Wolowitz wears a belt with a new badge, which shows the logos or characters popular fantasy characters from the comics, TV shows, and games.
  • The names of the heroes of Leonard and Sheldon were given in honor of a very talented actor, and producer Sheldon Leonard.
  • The franchise, in one of the episodes appears the famous physicist George Smoot, Nobel Prize award, he played himself.
  • The pilot script "Big Bang Theory" does not envisage the characters by name and Wolowitz Kutropalli.


The focus of the main characters of Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter since childhood differed phenomenal mental abilities as adults have gone completely into an exact science.

After graduating Caltech, both settled professors to work in one of the most prestigious institutions in the United States of physics. Leonard holds the chair of the experiments, and Sheldon is more inclined to the theory.

Comrades living in a rented apartment, all the free time guys are just together. The most favorite activity is to get on more comfortable on the couch and watch the episode of the science fiction genre.

At the main characters have friends who like love nerds, one of them is a true polyglot, a second astrophysicist.

The Big Bang Theory season 11 release date

Series titleRelease date
11x01Series 1September 23, 2017
11x02Series 2September 30, 2017
11x03Series 3October 7, 2017
11x04Series 4October 14, 2017
11x05Series 5October 21, 2017
11x06Series 6October 28, 2017
11x07Series 7November 4, 2017
11x08Series 8November 11, 2017
11x09Series 9November 19, 2017
11x10Series 10November 26, 2017
11x11Series 11December 3, 2017
11x12Series 12December 10, 2017
11x13Series 13December 17, 2017
11x14Series 14December 24, 2017
11x15Series 15January 5, 2018
11x16Series 16January 12, 2018
11x17Series 17January 19, 2018
11x18Series 18January 26, 2018
11x19Series 19February 2, 2018
11x20Series 20February 9, 2018
11x21Series 21February 16, 2018
11x22Series 22February 23, 2018
11x23Series 23March 2, 2018


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