The Boss greenhorn

Today the animated film under the name Boss the greenhorn was included in our review, this animated movie differs in the originality. Let's walk on a plot, it at us such, This history urgent at all times for adults and children is told on behalf of the seven-year-old brother of the newborn – the visionary Tim who is jealous him of parents. But the main character – not the so simple child, he has leader inclinations, already wears business suits and in everything sees a business challenge.

Once Tim learns about the preparing plot which purpose is destruction of love in the world, and the director of the company of Puppy Co has organized him. But to one Tim not on forces to stop him. The boy should unite with the "unloved" brother to save parents and to return an order on Earth.

Tim decides to help the BOSS-GREENHORN to get rid of him (after a task that will go to the Baby Korp behind impressive career. And here all together with team of assistants to babies (the Robust fellow, Triplets, Stacie) Tim with the Boss Molokosos begin fight against the villain Francis Francis (the director of the company of Puppy Co Pyosiko, the former super boss deprived of love the Baby Korp and families) which doesn't mature at all. The team should save parents and to return an order on Earth!

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