The Fall season 4

The new season of drama series created by Warner Bros. Artists Studio scripted by Allan Cubitt in 2013.

Release date tv series The Fall season 4 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - September 24, 2017.

The detective genre more than others excites the audience's attention. For criminal plot is automatically added to the thriller, drama and horror. The plot is particularly acute when the main character - a maniac. The details of the life of a serial killer and the detective that pursues the attacker, tells TV series "Crash."

The series "Crash" presents itself as a thriller and crime drama. But another genre that stands out clearly in this TV movie - psychology. The show - a real godsend for people who love mysteries and puzzles, and the key must be sought in the nature of the character.

A big plus - very dark atmosphere. The plot is so suppresses the viewer that even when the screen is quite harmless events occur, does not leave a feeling of anxiety. Fear in the "crash" is kept at the same level. Each episode - is a test of endurance. Despite the fact that the public knew from the first scene, who the murderer is, it remains the most interesting - and prove the guilt of the offender not to frighten.

The authors were able to transform a banal story of the unique, serial drama. After the arrest of Paul's interest fell. The following season the fans to learn more about Stella ...


The script tells the Irish city of Belfast. Local police is powerless against the tyranny of the criminal. To connect the case of an experienced agent Stella Gibson. For a long time there was a woman on the trail of a maniac.

For two seasons, viewers watched as the detective chasing an elusive killer. What could be interesting after the arrest? However, during the arrest of Stella shoots Paul Spector. The bullet hits the target and take the wounded to the hospital. When he came to, the patient does not remember what he did before. The last few years were erased. What is it? The consequences of an injury or a well-thought-out gimmick?

The role of Paul Spector performs Jamie Dornan. Sex - one of the few characters who is not only outrage but also sympathy. It combines totally opposite traits. The closer you learn about the character, the better you understand the goal to which he was guided. However, in the case of Spector, understanding does not mean acceptance. He is able to influence others. Under his charms are all. Including detective.

The pilot came back in 2013. It was only in 2015, Jamie starred in the controversial film "Fifty shades of gray". The one who first learned about the actor through the role of Gray and took his game to the erotic film negative, is unlikely to want to watch the show, which plays Dornan. Especially that "crash" there are a few scenes that practically the same events in a candid melodrama 2015.

And if before the "Fifty shades" play actor adequately assessed, and his person is of little interest to the public, after - on the head of Jamie poured out a lot of negative comments. Biased critics and ordinary viewers played with the actor cruel joke. Because of biased reviews, such a great detective series like "Crash" - is losing competitiveness.

On the role of the detective chose Gillian Anderson. Certainly, most of the audience woman associated with an FBI agent Dana Scully. It is worth noting here that her character is not too different from the heroine of the series "The X-Files." Consequently, since the first series of the audience feel a certain sympathy for the project. Probably, here the role played by nostalgia ...

The heroine is also twofold. On the one hand it is a professional and confident personality. On the other - the woman does not have enough elementary emotion. I must say, very little Gillian expresses feelings, so there is a natural effect of austerity.

The Fall season 4 release date

Series titleRelease date
4x01Series 1September 24, 2017
4x02Series 2October 2, 2017
4x03Series 3October 9, 2017
4x04Series 4October 16, 2017
4x05Series 5October 24, 2017
4x05Series 6October 31, 2017


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