The Magicians season 3

Continuation of the popular a fantasy series film company created "McNamara Moving Company" based on the works of Lev Grossman commissioned Syfy cable channel at the end of 2015.

Release date tv series The Magicians season 3 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - January 24, 2018.

In 2011, executive producer Michael Londanom were acquired film rights to the novel.

Initially, the show "Wizards" was planned to show on the TV channel "Fox |", to write the script of the pilot episode were invited consistency, Zac and Ashley Miller, they at one time worked on the film "X-Men: First Class."

By the way, will soon see the light tellevizionnuyu adaptation of one of the stories of cinematic universe X-Men.

But the work of Zack and Ashley has not received the green light, after which Michael London took to the command of John McNamara and Sulphur Gamble, the writers of the cult show "Supernatural". It is they who shoulder the script, and Syfy Channel has become the customer.

Shooting took place in Vancouver, in the main cast included Jason Ralph, Arjun Gupta, Stella Maeve, Hale Appelman and Olivia Taylor Dudley.

The series has received mostly positive critical acclaim and found their fans. The popular service ratings and reviews "Metacritic" praised in wizards in 60 balls out of 100 on the basis of twenty-two authoritative reviews. Rotten Tomatoes Show awarded 68 percent of the popular and the average score of 6.4 out of ten.


The storyline is based around the main character, a teenager named Quentin Coldwater, after graduation, he mysteriously become one of the university students' Breykbills ", which is specified on witchcraft and magic arts.

Once in the world of magic and mystery, Quentin realizes that all events occurring to him and his friends are directly linked with the history of his beloved children's book "Fillori continue."

Quentin and his companions will travel to the magical world solving puzzles and battling villains from Fillori, learn new spells, fall in love and find true friends.

The Magicians season 3 release date

Series titleRelease date
3x01Series 1January 24, 2018
3x02Series 2January 31, 2018
3x03Series 3February 7, 2018
3x04Series 4February 14, 2018
3x05Series 5February 21, 2018
3x06Series 6February 28, 2018
3x07Series 7March 7, 2018
3x08Series 8March 14, 2018
3x09Series 9March 21, 2018
3x10Series 10March 28, 2018
3x11Series 11April 4, 2018
3x12Series 12April 11, 2018
3x13Series 12April 18, 2018

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