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The Portal 2017

The Portal - a big screen adaptation of the Portal video game. J.J. Abrams has confirmed the Portal movie are still in development, and we can expect a Portal announcement "fairly soon". Speaking to IGN on the Westworld red carpet (Abrams produces the HBO show), the filmmaker said both films were "still very much in development".

Release date

The Portal expected release date is the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.




Yes, everyone, JJ Abrams is a good choice. Why? Because he's great at showing big, detailed environments and shiny white things, which is all Aperture Labs is made up of. He's not too great at character or story, but it's a fucking Portal movie. The only story you'd get in a Portal movie is "testers vs. GlaDOS" if you're lucky. Without a heavy narrative to focus on, JJ can show us Aperture Labs on the big screen really well, as he's proven in the past.

I dislike Abrams, mainly for the Star Trek movies, which are garbage in my opinion. And even though I love Portal immensely, they are made for the medium of interactive entertainment, not passive. That is one of the reasons they are so great and innovative! The narrative is revealed, not given; in a fashion can only be done through the medium. I just see this as a hacks way of making money and potentially blemishing the reputation of these great series. Abrams be creative for once in your life, have some taste, jeez.

When it comes to video game movies, original stories set within the universe of the games is the way to go like with AC, I think this could be applied particularly well with games like Elder Scrolls, although a show would probably work better for that.

When I saw Portal movie the first thing I thought of was ex machina for some reason. Alex Garland is might top director choice so far, and looking at his IMDb his schedule is fairly open.

Too bad JJ often doesn't bother to actually answer the questions he raises. I know that the mystery and the characters should be what's important, but it's incredibly frustrating when the climax comes and we still have some very basic things unanswered.

You explain that in Portal orange and blue stand for human and robot. But the game even says it directly to you that orange is "good" and blue is "bad". When a door opens the icon besides the door changes from blue (with a cross) to orange. Blue stands for bad, while orange stand for good.

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