The Vampire Diaries season 9

By the deepest regret of hundreds of thousands of fans, a fantastic saga, created by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, based on the series of novels by author LJ Smitb, according to the official statement of the representatives of the TV channel "The CW" complete.

Release date tv series The Vampire Diaries season 9 to be announced, the production of new series officially - closed.

Many viewers were hoping to meet Elena Gilbert Salvatore brothers and other heroes of "vampire saga" in the new ninth season, but the statement of the creators of the series, at the international conference "Comic-Con 2016", destroyed all hopes.

The question of whether the continuation of the season and 9 "The Vampire Diaries" has sunk into oblivion, the show ended with the eighth season, which was shorter than the previous six episodes.

After the "Comic-Con 2016" Guide Channel "The CW" presented the promotional video of the last season of "The Vampire Diaries", the new video emphasis was focused precisely on divination "beginning of the end", thus the producers made it clear that in the final chapter will be many interesting.

Would disclosed secrets transformation Damon and Enzo in vampires, namely being that this has contributed. Uncover the mystery helped Bonnie, after back magical powers.

In addition, fans are not worth much rasstraivatcya since the spring of 2017 on the screens out the regular season series, "ancient", which is a spin-offom show "The Vampire Diaries".


Let us remember how it all began, the action series "The Vampire Diaries" revolves around a pretty girl Elena Gilbert played by actress Nina Dobrev, the heroine has recently lost her parents.

Fate brings Elena with vampire Stefan Salvatore its role played actor Paul Wesley, she truly falls in love with a new acquaintance, but he did not know that her boyfriend is living on the earth for nearly two centuries.

Originating love relationship with this vampire steel for Elena great test, soon the girl's life becomes more unpredictable because of the arrival in Mystic Falls, a brother of Stefan - Damon Salvatore its role was played by Ian Somerhalder.

Sinister Damon wants to get Helen, even by the destruction of his brother, and it is not the only case of conflict between them, before they were both in love with a charming vampire Katherine Pierce, that she was bitten by the brothers and gave eternal life.

In the series, a variety of side plot twists, for example the role of the insidious Katherine Pierce also performed Nina Dobrev, after watching make more than one episode, it is very difficult to break away from, be sure to screen.

The Vampire Diaries season 9 season release date

Series titleRelease date
9x01Series 1closed series


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    there has to be a 9th season of the vampire diares

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    There needs to be a 9 season to the vampire diaries

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    There should be a season 9 you can’t leave it like that.There as to be a carry on about the Gifted Salverdoor school for the children !!


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