Timeless season 2

Continuation of serial, adventure series directed by Neil Marshall, created by TV channel "NBC" in 2016.?

Release date tv series Timeless season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - August 18, 2017.

The main roles are played by Carolyn Anderson, Matt Frewer as quadrupeds project "Librarians" Malcolm Barrett, Bracken Hanke and Claudia Durme.

Neil Marshall has made an enormous contribution to the franchise, "Out of Time", making it one of the most interesting science fiction series in 2016.

We would like to note that on the account of the director, such popular projects as the adventure series "Black Sails", the mystical series "Constantine", and certainly a full-length historical blockbuster "Centurion".


Jay Finella has long been engaged in the search for artifacts. Together with his wife-minded every day he goes down to the depths of the sea to discover there the next monument of antiquity.

One day Jay and his beloved finally lucky. They seek out sea ship crashed a few centuries ago.

The ship, archaeologists found many objects of a real historical value. But the plans of the main characters suddenly intervenes his Majesty the case.

During a descent into the water Jay loses consciousness and is in a coma. archaeologist The soul begins to perform an amazing path in time. She moved to the century before last, in India, where a fierce war with the British.

The former archaeologist becomes a soldier of the English army. There he meets a pretty girl, which is a native of India, which falls into oblivion.

How will Jay stay in a different reality? Can the hero to save his new love, or it will be destined to return to the now abandoned?

Timeless season 2 release date

Series titleRelease date
2x01Series 1August 18, 2016
2x02Series 2August 25, 2016
2x03Series 3September 1, 2016
2x04Series 4September 8, 2016
2x05Series 5September 15, 2016
2x06Series 6September 22, 2016
2x07Series 7September 29, 2016
2x08Series 8October 6, 2016
2x09Series 9October 13, 2016
2x10Series 10October 20, 2016
2x11Series 11October 27, 2016
2x12Series 12November 4, 2016
2x13Series 13November 11, 2016


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