Tokyo Ghoul season 3

Continuation of the fantastic Japanese anime created on the basis of the manga author Sui Ishida, the film studios Studio Pierrot and the director Xuhei Morita under the scenario of Tyuji Mikasano in 2015.

Release date anime series Tokyo Ghoul season 3 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - November 16, 2017.


Anime-series "Tokyo Ghoul" is based on a fantastic manga. A young man named Ken Kanaki came on a date to the same book lover as he, Ridze Kamishiro.

During their meeting, an accident occurred, and the young people were in hospital. The girl can not save, and the guy, who received serious injuries, transplanted the organs of the companion.

Almost immediately after discharge, Ken feels that something is wrong with him: unusual abilities appear, and food does not get into the throat.

It turns out that Ridze was a ghoul - a creature that eats the flesh of people. If the circumstances were different, Ken could well become her dinner.

The hero begins a new life, trying to adapt to his new image of a half-man. He settles in a cafe, the owner of which helps the ghouls to procure food.

Investigators declared a real hunt for monsters. They want to stop the series of murders that have engulfed the city. For this reason, even peaceful ghouls, pretending to be ordinary people, should act with extreme caution not to betray themselves.

Tokyo Ghoul season 3 season release date

Series titleRelease date
3x01Series 1November 16, 2017
3x02Series 2November 23, 2017
3x03Series 3November 30, 2017
3x04Series 4December 7, 2017
3x05Series 5December 14, 2017
3x06Series 6December 21, 2017
3x07Series 7December 29, 2017
3x08Series 8January 5, 2018
3x09Series 9January 12, 2018
3x10Series 10January 19, 2018
3x11Series 11January 26, 2018
3x12Series 12February 2, 2018



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