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Underworld 6

Continuation of the line of science fiction films created by Danny McBride, Kevin Greve and Dirk Blackman in 2013, the exclusive right to franchise owned film company "Screen Gems".

Release date movie “Underworld 6” not announced, perhaps the premiere of the second part will take place in – January 2019.

For the first time the audience plunged into the mysterious world of vampires and Lycans as far back as 2003. Then the picture of "Underworld 6" has caused great excitement among fans of fantasy genre.

And now, many years later, in 2017, after several sequels and prequels, even poorly understood, there was a film "Underworld: War Blood." What's new thriller brought fans of the series, and brought it at all?

Interesting facts

For Celine has no place in their own world. While hiding from the vampires and the Lycans, beauty can only trust David. And while the character is trying to escape from enemies, in the clans significant changes that will affect the person and Celine ...

First thing is to criticize the picture: first, the audience briefly recalled the history by selecting from published parts of the most critical moments. Of course, for the loyal fans of this information is unnecessary and only wasting airtime. And for those who first gets acquainted with the idea, flashbacks are not open all the plan.

Against the backdrop of the phrase: "In the previous parts of the" sounds very sad ... However, without it, as experience shows, does not do more than one kinofranshiza. In particular, such practices are turning all of the projects, where the film takes place between a few years. Among them were "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter."

No less urgent is the question the relevance of the tape. As mentioned earlier, the first film in the series was released in 2003. The story was aimed at a teenage audience, fans of fantasy and fans of big-budget thrillers. In the early-2000s thriller audience were 18-year-old thrill seekers.

But, the audience grew and now a movie about the struggle over the creatures are unlikely to be interested in those who are over thirty. And connect the new army of fans is quite difficult because the questions of today's youth are not satisfied with the picture, taken nearly fifteen years ago ...

Especially much it surprised by the fact that the authors are not pleased with the rare thriller supporters even hint at the finals.

And while critics have pondered the inappropriate continuation and cheap tricks, which the director tried to lure people to the session, in spite of all the negative comments are filled with cinemas. The formula of success "Underworld" hard to understand.


The plot - not impressive special effects - is not new. A love of bloodsuckers and werewolves, after the era of "Twilight," "Vampire Diaries," "True Blood" would have to cease. However, Céline lives and further the public interest ... Why? Perhaps part of the audience draws nostalgic memories.

It's hard enough not to see the film, familiar to most of the audience since childhood. Probably the effect of load Zeigarnik.

Another reason for a young audience to go to Action - cast. It seems that the project significantly brightened after the participation of the stars of another noisy, and not very successful project is estimated to critics, "Divergent" - Theo James.

As always, pleased with the fighting scenes. In this series of paintings, each a fight - it is art. There were as bright dual duels and group fights. The only negative: through mass warfare suffers plot. When the on-screen characters are constantly waving their fists do not have time for dialogue and problem-solving.

Among the genres tape often note not only fiction and thriller, and the horrors. If the story of the mysterious beings who are fighting with each other, can be attributed to the first two styles, the kind of movie horror here - have gone too far.

For descriptions of the fans, it became clear that the plot has not moved one iota. Nothing new and interesting to spectators not offered. Moreover, here and there, skips scenes copied from other works. In particular, careful filmgoers will hold a parallel between Celine and Alice from "Resident Evil."

Moreover, it seems, the authors decided not to invite only a few actors who starred in the TV series "Game of Thrones" as well, and borrow a few characters from the show. Lena vampire too much similar to Daenerys.

As a result, instead of a full-fledged movie people got cuts "cool" moments from other films. The plot - a fiasco. The date of the sixth part is not announced, but the shooting did not begin in the next two years. The team just need to hope that the rare, loyal fans do not get tired of waiting for the sixth film.



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