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Vikings season 6

Continued dramatic television series, originally from Ireland, created by director Michael Hurst, commissioned by the History cable channel.

Release date tv series Vikings season 6 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held  - February 19, 2018.

According to the History Channel, the project was officially extended shooting the sixth season began in March 2017.

With each season, the show became more popular, fans are waiting when will the sequel, viewers are now available 3 seasons of 10 episodes each, except the fourth and fifth season consists of 20 episodes.


Paintings spectacular than the "Vikings" need to look for, the story tells of the Viking warriors under the command of their brave leader Ragnar.

In the series laid Ragnar career in the early days of the Middle Ages. Ragnar Lodbrok, progressed from a simple soldier to the king of tribes and peoples, making him the wisest in the squad.

The series is built on historical accuracy, you can easily tell that story line repeats the cloud is not the time of fights and battles. According to legend the people of Norway, Lodbrok a direct descendant of the god of war and weapons of Odin.

Since ancient times the Vikings were considered the most valiant and courageous people on earth. Having met in its path Vikings travelers bowed knees, enemies trembled and feared them.

Their leader surprisingly interwoven, all qualities inherent to the protagonist, Ragnar is the strength, the courage, bravery and loyalty to the people.

None of the enemy was not able to defeat the king Ragnar, Norwegians admired him. But without faithful companions and friends is not a powerful person can not cope with the most difficult tasks.
Season 5 "Vikings" will not forget, you expect a lot of exciting moments and unexpected plot twists.

Who are the Vikings

Many people ask "Who are the Vikings? Where did this concept and what it means?" The Vikings, or Normans differently - this sea explorers, people born in the Nordic countries, which are committed in the 9-11 centuries long conquest length of about 9000 kilometers, maybe even more.

This fearless warriors, which were current and still steeped in legend since. They reached the coast of Persia in the east and the borders of North and South America in the west, were considered the best maritime warriors of the time.

The term "Viking" is derived from the Old Norse word "vikingr". Of course, there are many different versions about the origin of the word. On one of them the concept of "Viking" is derived from the word "vik", which means "bay".

Consequently, the "Viking" literally means "people of the Bay", that is, the robbers, who skillfully used the bay and the water space, hiding their ships there. The French called them Normans - "people from the north," the British called all Viking Danes and Arabs, Slavs and Greeks - the Vikings.

Wherever there were these skillful mariners, they ruthlessly seized the land and their wealth by setting them their power. For example, the Danish part of the conquerors of England, lived in Ireland and Scotland. There was also the Vikings captured some territory of France, which became known as Normandy.

The conquerors of the territory of modern Norway established colonies in Greenland. Swedish Vikings entered the territory of Russia, and, moving on the rivers, they reached the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. How can we explain such an active military activities of the Normans in a given period of time? There are many facts and evidence that

Scandinavia was crowded, and brave soldiers went to battle for riches and new lands. Rich monasteries and unfortified city is not difficult in the conquest. During the Viking Age in Norway, Denmark, Sweden formed the monarchy. There was a struggle for power. And losers leaders and their followers were sent to conquer other lands.

The sons of the rich nobles involved in campaigns and have gained more credibility and authority in their home country. Marine invaders attracted not only the thirst for production, but also the development of relations, as well as seizure of power in other lands. For example, the Swedish Vikings took control of the trade routes in Russia.

But any era, be that as it may be, has its beginning and its end, and the era of the Vikings is no exception. It should be noted that the Vikings were the last German soldiers, barbarians, and the first European maritime explorers.

Vikings season 6 release date

Series titleRelease date
6x01Series 1February 19, 2018.
6x02Series 2February 26, 2018.
6x03Series 3March 4, 2018
6x04Series 4March 11, 2018
6x05Series 5March 18, 2018
6x06Series 6March 25, 2018
6x07Series 7April 1, 2018
6x08Series 8April 8, 2018
6x09Series 9April 15, 2018
6x10Series 10April 22, 2018
6x11Series 11November 29, 2018
6x12Series 12December 6, 2018
6x13Series 13December 13, 2018
6x14Series 14December 20, 2018
6x15Series 15December 27, 2018
6x16Series 16January 3, 2019
6x17Series 17January 10, 2019
6x18Series 18January 17, 2019
6x19Series 19January 24, 2019
6x20Series 20January 31, 2019



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