Yuri on Ice season 2

The new season of the anime series created by Japanese director Yamamoto Saё in late 2016 on a plot of the manga of the same name.

Release date anime series Yuri on Ice season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - Oktober 2017.


The series "Yuri on Ice" - anime about men's figure skating.

The game's story - the life of athletes, gives himself to his hobby. One of them, Japanese dvadtsatitrёhletny Katsuk Urey, "breaks" in stressful situations, so another failure, when it seemed that everything said about his probable victory, it is an occasion to think, and whether to continue his career.

Jüri hard to keep the weight, he likes to eat, with high-calorie fatty foods. But there are obvious Katsuk winning side, for example, a sense of rhythm and a special step.

The turning point comes when acquaintance character with Russian skaters: a legend and has titled athlete Viktor Nikiforov, who for twenty-seven has already become an idol for the whole world, and the very young Yuri Plisetskaya, but at fifteen he was already a resounding nickname "Russian elf" and enough arrogant, it is worth it to get off the ice.

Katsuk, Nikiforov, Plisetskaya and many other participants from different countries are preparing for the Grand Prix, where they hope to shine and to rise to the podium in figure skating.



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