Z Nation season 4

The expected release of new episodes of post-apocalyptic blockbuster, directors Abram Cox and John Hyams, series production studio is engaged in "Global Asylum" commissioned by TV channel "Syfy".

Release date tv series Z Nation season 4 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - September 15, 2017.

Channel "The Syfy" once again order the production of a new series of its zombie thriller, doubt that the fourth season of "The Nation Z" is destined to be, there was no meaning.

With the premiere of the show took a leading position in abundance series about zombies and survival of the world.

This primarily happened due to the large flow of the funny black humor and an interesting plot twist that will not make bored even the most skeptical viewer.

Heroes TV series "Nation Z" are not rich in the heavy and complex moral dilemmas, none of them will not stand on ceremony with a potential victim, everyone is ready to swagger in full, looking to the fullest.

Directed by John Hyams creator of the series "Ancient", which was soon bypassed by ratings Project founder of "The Vampire Diaries", convinced that the charisma and skills transferred to them, "Nation Z" will allow the end of the 4 seasons to overtake the iconic "The Walking Dead", which is already on According to many viewers have become too sentimental.

The main role in the new series, the actors perform Keith Allan, Nat Zhang, Kellita Smith, Anastasia Baranova and Russell Hodgkinson played a major role in the sci-fi series "Grimm".


Nation Z - a project that will allow for a fresh look at the topic has long worn-out zombie apocalypse.

Actions of a new horror-action unfolding in the United States after a global catastrophe, this time for 90 percent of the land became walking corpses, reborn in a variety of zombies.

Three years ago, progressive, mutagenic virus broke free, infecting virtually the entire population of America, the US government was relieved from their posts in the truest sense of the word.

The main characters of this group not infected children who survived the chaos of zombie madness, to take on a mission to save the non-infected people and humanity as a whole.

The first mission for them was transported from New York to California valuable human blood which supposedly discovered antibodies resistant to the virus.

Z Nation season 4 release date

Series titleRelease date
4x01Series 1September 15, 2017
4x02Series 2September 22, 2017
4x03Series 3September 29, 2017
4x04Series 4October 6, 2017
4x05Series 5October 13, 2017
4x06Series 6October 20, 2017
4x07Series 7October 27, 2017
4x08Series 8November 3, 2017
4x09Series 9November 10, 2017
4x10Series 10November 17, 2017
4x11Series 11November 24, 2017
4x12Series 12December 1, 2017
4x13Series 13December 8, 2017
4x14Series 14December 15, 2017
4x15Series 15December 22, 2017


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