Seiren seasone 2

Continued top-end Japanese anime cartoon series created by director Tomoki Kobayashi in early 2017.

Released anime series Seiren seasone 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April 2018.


This year's summer vacations are not encouraging student named Shoichi KAMiT. The guy in the anime "Seiren" is studying in second grade high school, and soon he will have to say goodbye to the carefree childhood and enter adulthood, full of worries and troubles.

He looks with undisguised concern in the near future and understands that is not ready for the responsibility and independence.

Shoichi Anxiety rises after the conversation with the class teacher, who said that he should soon be determined with vital plans and choose the activity.

Parents and teachers are ready to render necessary assistance to the teenager, but whether it is necessary Shoichi, who does not seek to become independent?

This summer will bring the guy not only frustration and anxiety about career, but also open the undoubted advantages of irreversible process of growing up.

Hero acquainted with the three charming girls, who in addition to beauty also have a rich inner world.

Communication with new friends help Shoichi important decision and understand that opened before them prospects in its own attractive.


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2 thoughts on “Seiren seasone 2

  • 04/01/2017 at

    Actually that should be called slice of life. School isn’t a genre. I understand that someone made that up, because it would be easier to search for in a searchengine. But so far i know it isn’t a genre.

  • 04/01/2017 at

    A very pure love anime and cute clear cut dating sim theme with different routes and happy endings. It’s love as many always dreamed of happening. Being Loved for who you are. Recommended and if you like it I recommend Amagami SS that has the same theme. I give it 8/10 due to being a little to plain in it’s characters compared to similar animes.
    *The story IS set 9 years AFTER amagami SS plus


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