Chain Chronicle season 2

Continuation of the popular Japanese anime created by Masashi Kudo director in 2017.

Released anime series Chain Chronicle season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April 2018.


In ancient times Yugdra continent was prosperous and generous land, where people live happily. Then the soul of a great man mastered the dark forces. It became known as the Black King. It is with the help of magic called the continent dark hordes of demons. It came a huge trouble.

Fiend took a lot of land, which have established a terrible order. People came together and formed an alliance that is able to withstand the forces of evil. There were a large number of different battles in which the human army under the command of the commander Yuri won many victories.

Near the castle of the Black King began last very fierce battle. Unfortunately, the alliance lost this battle. It is now already there is no escape, Black King has become even stronger.

As discussed in the anime "Chain Chronicle" at this point there was a simple man, Alan, who has not lost optimism. He has a priceless gift, the young man may collect other people's life-giving energy of "Manu", which is able to increase its strength several times. This guy, Jüri cheered up and began assembling a new army.



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