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Joker Game season 2

Expected continuation undoubtedly one of the best anime series beginning in 2016, created by director Kazuya Nomura.

Released anime series Joker Game season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 25, 2017.

The Animated Series "Joker Game" has gained widespread popularity thanks to an intriguing storyline, and qualitative portrayal of characters.

These two components have become a rarity among the latest innovations, so that it is safe to rely on the continuation.

In the meantime, get acquainted with the plot, systems, and trailer.


The protagonist of the anime "Game Joker" Yuki Lieutenant Colonel in the army showed itself demanding the military, it is not only afraid of the lower ranks, but the military equal and even higher in rank.

Yuki served as a secret agent. By far the best of its kind, but now Yuki retires, although it is well-deserved, but not pleased with the lieutenant colonel.

It so happened that just before the long holiday Yuki is captured on foreign soil, he had lost an arm, and began to limp on one leg.

But the main character does not fall off, he still has a shot in porohoanitsah. His skills are not project freely Yuki climbed out of captivity arrived home, opened this school for espionage case.

Calling themselves the students from the entire Asian region, he began to teach them, and they become professionals, which you will not find even in the regular army.

Now Yuki students become real James Bond, who stand in defense of the state.



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