Musaigen no Phantom World season 2

Directed by Tatsuya Ishihara reflects on the creation of serial continuation of the popular anime. At present the preparation of the script. Many fans sends us to the editor message asking whether the continuation of favorite anime, when will the new season.

Released anime series Musaigen no Phantom World season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April 2017.

Typically, the release of the new season takes a little more than a year, it is hoped that there will be no any delay. And the company is implementing the promised new episodes early next year.

In the meantime, fans of the popular anime offer to get acquainted with other, no less interesting novelties.


This story is about the future and about what could happen to the world in the coming years, and alternative reality anime "Myriad phantom world of colors." In other words, the story plunges the audience into a fantastic universe where the future becomes real.

Scary monsters, terrible monsters and ghosts in the new world are familiar creatures in front of people was the problem remain worthless and helpless beings in the new universe.

But one day there is a disaster, the plant genetically modified foods a fire occurs in the future explosion. As a result, the DNA of people, too, has undergone changes and they have gained over the ability of allowing to be on an equal footing with monsters and phantoms.

The main task now is addictive and training management newfound strength. Humans were created special schools for training super heroes.

The protagonist of the anime Haruhiko Ichizo always successfully defeated the hostile creatures. Moreover, he came to help classmates from school

where he trained, and not just classmates and detachment girls with super strength. Among them are the spirits of Lady Mei Kawakami and shredder creatures Izumi Rhine.



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