The Legend Of Jade Sword season 2

Continuation of the popular anime director Van Manh Manh Van Tszachzhi and Tszachzhi created in 2015.

Released anime series The Legend Of Jade Sword season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April, 2018.


Poor guy Zhi Ning grew very weak boy, constant, terrible diseases like evil curse cynically pursued tortured sufferer. Utopian hypochondriac anime "Legend of the jade sword" aware of their own obvious lameness and humbly preparing to apparent death. However, the end of life was hateful to the dying inconsolable saving exit.

Through the intercession of powerful forces compassionate hero safely reborn in the hidden world of immortal beings.

The new reality is clearly different from the usual mundane. Fantastic monsters and powerful gods that hold the greatest wisdom of the ancient, mysterious faction managed warlike dynasties famous heroes inhabited the scenic expanse of the new Ning home.

Gradually, the joyful lucky starts acquainted with an unusual way of life, full of incredible magic reigns king in a supernatural universe.

Once defective teenager, take a load off, the heavy burden of diseases reveals a completely unknown personality and thanks merciful fate.



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