Onihei season 2

Continued anime series created by Studio M2 commissioned by the channel TV Tokyo and TMS Entertainment in 2017.

Release date anime series Onihei season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2017.


The plot of the anime "Onihei" - the story of an experienced and fearless cop Heidsee Hasegawa, who in 1783, at the dawn of the era Tenmey, he was appointed head of the safety department.

He keeps order in the region, tracking down the most dangerous criminals who threaten the lives of innocent civilians.

Over the years Heidsee spotted and sent to prison thieves, swindlers, and even murderers, so that was the number one enemy for the criminal world.

To make operational activities more effective, it involves the investigation of former criminals working as double agents or undercover informants.

Colonel heads successfully opened a lot of terrible crimes, but he is still a lot of unsolved cases. Due to its persistence, restlessness and desire to find the truth in all circumstances, the legendary Hasegawa became a real storm of the city, and deservedly got his nickname, which translates as "Heidsee demon."

He knows no mercy and pity for the criminals, and to the rest of the people he simply has no business ...



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