91 Days season 2

Continued Japanese anime series, the animated series has become a kind of debut of young director Kaburagi Hiro.

Released anime series 91 Days season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - July, 2017.

In the past year the genre of anime added dozens of great franchises that deserve surely continue.


Actions in the anime "91 days" are developed long before the main event, the chronology of the entire storyline presented the audience at the beginning of the first episode.

The government decided on the fatal step for the population to enter the "dry law", which later gave rise to smuggling form of earnings, the streets were filled with counterfeit products.

Local governments are no longer in the authority of the inhabitants, ruled by the mafia and crime syndicates in the streets.

The protagonist of Avila loses close relatives as a result of fights mentioned above syndicates. He himself was forced to flee to save their lives, in the hope of further revenge for the murder of his family.

Soon Avila receives a mysterious letter, contributed to the beginning of revenge and decisive action.
The protagonist returns to his homeland, Avila finds a job in one of the syndicates, under a false name, the name of the organization "Vanetti".

Soon Avila becomes the son of a close friend of the gang, at least according to the second, then begins impossible at first glance, the mission of vengeance.



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