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Brain on Fire 2017

A New York Post journalist (Chloe Moretz) suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder is repeatedly misdiagnosed following a series of violent outbursts and severe amnesia, in Gerard Barrett's adapation of Susannah Cahalan's bestselling memoir, Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness. Based on the book/memoir by Susannah Cahalan. True story.

Let's hope its better than the last couple of movies she's been in. She's a great actress, but the roles she's been getting lately haven't been up to par with her past work. This film will be a good message to convey to people about the effects of epilepsy, and similar medical conditions, and how people's lives can rapidly change.

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The upcoming Brain on Fire Cinema release date is 2017 in the US.

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I dont understand why in Hollywood they picking adults to playing teenagers and actors who looks so young to playing adults. Chloe is a great actress, but in this part she looks so young. I am a year older than she is, and I have a same "problem"... nobody would believe me that I am an experienced journalist. But... Iam still very excited for this movie.

It is very much true! The lady that this movie is based on is Susannah Cahalan, (she wrote her book, "Brain on Fire: My Month of Maddness") and in the photographs she looks incredibly young for a 24 year old woman at the time. Also, I can't help but think that we look at Chloe Grace - Mortez as a youngster because she's been in.

I think her acting is more than ok. She does a good job with not being in the lime light as much. I just wish she would be took the Little Mermaid role but people thought it was a remake of Disney which it wasn't. It was from a story from 1800s from Hans Christian Anderson and was much more darker tale and I wish she.

I really like Chloe, but her role selection has been questionable. Carrie (2013) is a film that still annoys me bc I could never believe that Chloe would ever get bullied and ridiculed in high school.

Everyone should stop saying she's to young for this role. Susannah cahalan was only 24 when she got this rare auto-immune disease. So Susannah was pretty young and Chloe is 20 years old, Just saying, Chloe is actually an adult and I think she plays this role very well.

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