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Deadpool 2

In the new film continues the adventures of Deadpool and Slade Wilson. He was able to take revenge on those who turned him into a monster and reunited with Vanessa. In addition, from the scene after the credits it is clear that the second part will appear Cable or Cable. According to the canonical stories, Cable - Another superhero who has incredible telepathic and telekinetic abilities. What will happen in the second film, and when it comes, will be known later. On our site you can read about it.

There’s a lot that we don’t know about Deadpool 2, but what we do know is exciting. Not only will the film follow through on the original movie’s post-credits promise to bring Cable to the big screen, but it’s bringing Domino along for the ride as well. Zazie Beetz has been cast as Domino, Cable’s actor should be announced soon, and it’s only a matter of time before filming is underway.

In addition to the casting of Brolin and the return of Reynolds and Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand will be reprising her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Meanwhile, Deadpool and Cable will be joined by their once and future X-Force teammate Domino, who will be played by Zazie Beetz of FX’s Atlanta. With the heroic casting announcements out of the way, all that’s left is to find out who will be the Deadpool 2 villain. Source: THR

It is expected that such a decision is clear and we are glad it only, but worth the wait when the Deadpool 2? this question can not be answered at this time. Some sources indicated the date of January 12, 2018, but it is necessary to understand that this is only a provisional date.

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Deadpool 2 release date: Jan 12, 2018

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