Hundred season 2

The new season of the animated series production of the Japanese anime industry and directed by Tomoki Kobayashi, published in the spring of 2016 rolled.

Released anime series Hundred season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 7, 2018.

Since the first series of the animated series takes a lot of popularity, here there is a question of when will the sequel?

At the present time, in full swing writing the script for the second season of the anime "Hundred" this information our editorial office received from an official source, engaged in direct production.

Readers are invited to get acquainted with the plot, promo, photos and trailer to the novelty anime cartoon "Hundred".


Hayato Kisaragi main cartoon hero enters a fierce battle with the villain Savage for the title and possession of a powerful weapon Handrid, bringing to realize his childhood dream, to get high quality skills of martial arts masters.

But as it happens in real life, fate and luck turns to Hayato's not like he'd dreamed, in his dreams.

In the boy appear unforeseen problems in the possession of his ancestors bestowed the power of martial arts.

Hayato meets a stranger, which in turn tells him the story in which they should go all the way to the glory of combat side by side together.

Next to the fearless team joins the winner of the magical and powerful aura that made even stronger force Hayato, and gave him confidence, by the way called Woman Crossford Emily.

But the enemies also intensified, local bandits Queen Claire Harvey, our hero throws a second call.

So Hayato and was surrounded by some girls that make it gentle and kind, against the wishes of the hero become a true warrior, a fighter and a powerful man.

Our hero will have to fight with a ruthless Yakuza clan Savage, who for hundreds of years terrorizing their nice town.





12 thoughts on “Hundred season 2

  • 08/26/2018 at

    They couldn’t have gotten the plot any more wrong if they’d used one from a different anime…

  • 10/07/2018 at

    one of the best shows there are

  • 12/01/2018 at

    So Guys Pay Attention Hundred S2 Will Be in 2019 I Think In Jan Or Feb So Just Wait Guys!

  • 11/27/2019 at

    Még mindig nincs fent!
    Mikor értkezik a 2.Évad?


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