Endride season 2

The expected continuation of the anime cartoon series created by director Keiji Goto based on the manga of the same name in 2016.

Released anime series Endride season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October, 2017.

These bright news could not fail to please the thousands of spectators, "Endrayd", as it turned out it's not just the anime ephemera, a combination of a beautiful picture, an intriguing storyline, and exciting effects.

Undoubtedly, such projects have to live a long time, which is what happened to the delight of fans. In anticipation of the expected offer to become familiar with the most popular innovations of the genre.


Actions anime "Endride" takes place in a distant galaxy, the world is situated far from the planet Earth, to be more specific, in another dimension.

The world got its name "Endride" he is full of fantastic creatures and processes are not peculiar to the earthly world.

That being said the place, with its beauty, inspiring local people to great deeds and actions, not peculiar to the common man.

But one of these days the main character and a regular guy from the land named Xiong Asanaga directly confronted with this mysterious dimension.

And it happened so Xiong, going to school is on the mysterious stone road, which is an artifact from a parallel world, so he gets to Endride, barely touching his discovery.

Only now he found himself in a not very friendly place, and in a real prison, another dimension.
Before him stands a Emilio Langheyma outwardly looked like a man.

Xiong soon learns that his new friend is the true prince of the mysterious world.

Emilio was deprived of the throne illegally, and now a souped comrades, side by side, to fight for justice, and to return the throne to the rightful owner.



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