Teen Wolf season 7

Mysterious television series with elements of drama, created by Jeff Davis and MTV television channel on the basis of full-length films of 1985, the pilot episode was broadcast in June 2011.

Release date tv series Teen Wolf season 7 to be announced, the show is officially closed for the festival "Comic Con" - July 21, 2016.

The television series "Werewolf" has gained immense popularity immediately after its premiere, the first episode of the audience gathered 2.18 million people, 80 percent of whom were young people, from the time the franchise "Teen Wolf" is the most popular youth project "MTV".

Ratings of "wolf" to the output of the last season, led all the charts fantastic sitcom received 85 percent positive reviews on "Metacritic" site, virtually all other neutral opinion.

So, when will season 7 "wolf"? Why such a successful show ended? The answer to the question is obvious, all the good tends to end, the storyline of the series is logically completed.

Most of the actors grew out of their roles, both physically and professionally. That is the reason for leaving Tyler Heklina and Daniel Sharman in a great movie, and Colton Haynes in another successful TV series the DC "Arrow" even before the finals.

The main characters of "wolf" and Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, who has long played in more movies, the last successful role in Dylan's 2016 drama "Deepwater Horizon" and the trilogy "The Maze Runner".

Interesting Facts

  • Aktru Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes producers vampire saga "Twilight" was offered the role of werewolf Jacob and vampire Edward Cullen and Tyler Heklinu role of Emmett, a young man vampire Rozoli, but in the end, all three actors rejected the proposal.
  • After the premiere of the pilot episode of the company «Image» launched a series of monthly comic magazines of the heroes of "wolf".
  • Actress Arden Cho, repeatedly used in confrontations nunchuck, she actually holds the weapon expertly thanks to his own father.
  • Actor Dylan paying four times participated in the audition for the role of Scott McCauley after producers gave approval, Dylan read the script and decided to play Styles.
  • The car "Porsche" driven by, adorned Jaxom is private car director Russell Malkey.
  • Tyler Posey, in breaks between filming, without telling the writers did a tattoo on his forearm as two black bands, with the result that it was necessary to adjust the script, and add tattoos to the story plot.
  • Each scene of fights and special effects prepared for 5-6 hours, and in order to apply makeup allows you to turn into a werewolf Scott necessary for 4 hours.
  • Piercing cry of the banshee heroine Lydia, live performed the actress Holland Roden.
  • According to the scenario of the second half Stiles was Cora, but the actress Adelaide Kane performing its role left the show due to the filming of the show "The Kingdom", the writers have changed the plot and she became Malia.

Teen Wolf season 7 release date

Series titleRelease date
7x01Series 1closed series


teen-wolf-7 teen-wolf-7-2 teen-wolf-season7


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