Akiba’s Trip The Animation season 2

Новые серии аниме сериала созданного японским режиссером Икэхата Хироси в январе 2017 года.

Release date anime series Akiba's Trip The Animation season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2018.


Akihabara shopping district of the city, where from across the country gather fans of the manga and nanotechnology, has become a center of armed confrontation in the anime "Akiba's Trip The Animation".

Territory captured mysterious creatures, artificially created in secret laboratories. Fierce invaders are vampires bleed the life energy of their victims.

Now they hunt for the ancient patrons of Akihabara, trying to get them the will to live and the spiritual power. Rumor has frightened residents, vampires resemble the usual dark shadow gradually covering the man and turns it into a silent performer her will.

Brutal monsters, better known as "bagurimono" completely invulnerable, they can not be destroyed by force of arms.

The only thing that is able to cause significant damage to vampires - it's sunlight, under the influence of which they die slowly and painfully.

The war began for the city, but to get the win over the mysterious creatures, you must tear off their clothes, protects them from solar radiation.

Not everyone believes in the existence of vampires, but Niwaki Denkigay going to prove that their city is in danger ...



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