Mayoiga season 2

Continued Japanese anime series "Mayoiga" created in 2016 by director Tsutomu Mizushima.

Released anime series Mayoiga season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 2017.

The fate of the franchise will depend on the ratings of the first season, judging by the responses to the first episode of the project was really worthy.

This one would expect behind Tsutomu Mizushima more than a dozen exciting animated series, including the iconic "School-prison".


This story is about the young generation of today, those teenagers who love the ideas and views of utopia, the ideas that have disappeared over time.

The main heroes of the anime "Holt for lost" it seems that the truth of all existence lies in the very old ideas and orders.

In those ideas that were once offered great minds, but never accepted by mankind.

They think that it is a utopia and is a form of existence of all humanity, a hidden form of existence, a new dimension.

So, here the action takes place in a certain village called Nanakimura whose inhabitants live a long time on this most utopian rules.

Here are the rest of the world about the existence of this town do not know the legend of course exist, but none of the real-world village has not been able to find. Even the inhabitants of the mysterious places are not willing to reveal themselves.

Only one day a school bus with thirty brave guys and girls go in search of the village, yet it finds, but the town was in chaos - totally destroyed.



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