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John Wick 3

Trikvel popular action thriller directed by Chad Stahelski established film company "87Eleven" in 2014.

Release date movie “John Wick 3” not announced, perhaps the premiere of the second part will take place in – February 2019.

Franchise "John Wick" - a stylish movie-motion created by comic principles, where nothing is superfluous.

This is a very high-quality and fairly entertaining thriller, giving a relaxing head and do not ask unnecessary questions.

Review and interesting facts

Laconic beginning and the dynamic development of the events is an advantage of the picture. Like the main character played by Keanu Reeves. He surprisingly organically fit into the role with his usual melancholy and cold eyes. In certain scenes in John Wick begin to believe and understand that not for nothing that he was nicknamed Boogeyman.

It is really frightening that inevitably overtake anyone. And this is an important moment of our translators have spoiled it, for some reason, calling him a Baba Yaga.

Special comedy film attempts to give American actors to speak in Russian. On-site and typical representation of Russian Americans, whose apogee is the constant singing of the lullaby "Hush-a-bye." They sing it even splashing in the sauna with the girls!

But all of this pales against the backdrop of skirmishes and battles at the level of pseudo realism, as it was in the "hostage" with Liam Neeson. All shows tough, fast and uncompromising, with special attention to detail.

For example, John is not infinite ammo and has to be recharged, and in battles with the enemy physically strong he has to literally efforts. At the same time, as befits a professional killer, after neutralization of the enemy he does control shots to the head.

Add to that exactly matched the music and you will get some of the best scenes in action movies. It is literally a breath of fresh air on the background of the failed 'The Expendables 3' and children's brand new "Robocop".

As for the rest, it gander prestupnika- played Alfie Owen-Allen, known for his role as spectators Teona Greydzhoya in the series "Game of Thrones".

In this film he portrays a similar annoying character in the person of Joseph Tarasova. Much of it is not required - just cause aversion to slimy, evil and capricious character.

And he handled it without a problem, moreover, leave the last line is not particularly necessary. Quite successfully delivered and Willem Dafoe, who played the friend and colleague John's craft.

In general, every actor has appeared in his place and played the way it is needed. Despite the simplicity of the film and the presence of stereotypes, "John Wick 3" is worthy of your attention and is worth your time on it, because the tough and stylish action compensates for all the shortcomings of the film.

John Wick 3 release date

movie titlerelease date
John Wick 3February 2019



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