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All Out season 2

The long-awaited premiere of the new series of the popular Japanese anime created by director Kenichi Shimizu in 2017.

Release date anime series All Out season 2 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - April 2018.


The protagonist of the anime "All Out season 2" - a guy named Gion Kanji, Jammu and Kashmir, which is in constant irritation and embarrassment because of his small stature.

He always takes revenge on others who take him for an ordinary child, or even mock the young men because of its lack.
In turn, Sumiaki Ivashimizu shy of his tall, gives him a lot of trouble at home and communicate with loved ones.

In fatal accidents the guys are in a class of high school, and on the first day met with the local bullies, who saw in their physical data an excellent opportunity for abuse.

Acquainted with such unusual circumstances, the heroes were surprised to find that they have much in common. Soon young people adjacent to the amateur rugby mug, and soon became close friends, helping each other in difficult situations.

And their life shorty tall and shy student more than enough. The kids have to cope with their own insecurities and show others what they are worth.



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