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Starly Girls – Hoshi Musume

The game, which is a collaborative project between Japan's China's Kadokawa Games and Alpha Games, is a space-based training simulation game. The anime will be 12 episodes in total, each spanning around 22 minutes each.

In the "starly girls x G Gear x space next-generation training simulation" game, the player assumes the role of the captain of the super-gravity-cruising ship Asterism. With the vice captain and the Hoshimusu ("Starly Girls"), the player controls the special mobile weapon G Gear (Gravity Gear), "defies the fate of the cosmos, and restores the twinkling of the stars."

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It has been revealed that upcoming mobile game Starly Girls: Episode Starsia will be getting an anime adaptation some time in 2018.

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Starly Girls – Hoshi Musume Updated: April 10, 2017 Author: News