The Librarians season 4

On our site you can get acquainted with the illustrations, posters, trailer and plot to The Librarians season 4. TNT has renewed the fantasy-adventure series for a fourth season to air later this year.

The Librarians Plot

The series is about four people with extraordinary abilities, who find that they have been chosen to participate in an ancient secret society with special knowledge and heroic predecessors. They travel around the world, investigate strange events, fight against ancient conspiracies, and protect the innocent from the dangerous secret world of magic.

Rebecca Romijn plays the leading role of Eve Baird. Also Noah Wyle, who embodies the main character Flynn in the films, is on board as a returning guest star and also receives a credit as an executive producer. John Larroquette and Lindy Booth are also featured as Jenkins and Cassandra. Christian Kane is the genius cowboy Jacob Stone.

  • The original name: The Librarians season 4
  • Director: John Rogers
  • Duration: 52 min.
  • Actors: Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Harlan Kim, John Larroquette
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
  • Country: USA
  • TV channel: TNT

Okay seriously we think the show is really good! Yes, it's not a huge TV show like GoT so it has not a massive budget BUT it didn't stop me from loving the show. And the special effects are still better than the ones on Once Upon A Time (sorry but it's just a fact we love Ouat too). Actually this show made me want to watch the movies which we never watched before and we loved them as well. This show is just incredible ! We are so happy it has been renewed! We really hope it would be renewed for many seasons.

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Release date

The Librarians season 4 release date - at the end of the 2017, to be announced.


I think, in the show, they're just using the term "brand-new artefacts", as a blanket description, for anything magical that was man-made. I know artifacts are typically something man-made of historical value, but I don't think they necessarily have to be old to fit that description. I'm so looking forward to this new 4 season. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us all.

I love this show, but I hate Eve Baird. She's their guardian, which means their body guard but she acts like she's in charge of them. She holds them back, and bosses them around.

While the The Librarians are doing okay in the ratings, they have dropped some. Real Housewives of Atlanta remains #1 for several weeks in a row...that's saying something about the state of our viewing audience.

4 thoughts on “The Librarians season 4

  • 05/06/2017 at

    must watch the librarian movies which came out years ago to understand some of the things that happen which are tied in the pilot of the show itself but thats just my opinion. Cant wait for more to come along

  • 05/06/2017 at

    Someone recommended me to watch this. And here I’m here watching the trailer. Oh this looks so bad. But damn, I got to say. Rebecca Romijn is still fucking hot as hell. She’s in my top 5 famous women I would fuck. She hasn’t aged a bit and looks hotter when she gets older. I love her so much, but still isn’t worth watching this show. Looks horrible.

  • 05/06/2017 at

    Odd question. What happened to all the previous Guardians? Think about it flynn had one in the first movie and then she just vanished. Not sure about the 2nd, but if these guardians just up and leave theirs alot of people here that know about this damn library.

  • 05/06/2017 at

    Really looking forward to more of those Magical Adventures of The Librarians. Really, Really looking forward to what they said is “The New Jake Stone” .
    Christian Kane as Jake Stone, just rocks his role!


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