Trolls part 2

The sequel of the animated created by film company DreamWorks Animation scenario Jonathan Aibel in 2016.

Released DreamWorks Animation's "Trolls 2" has not been declared, tentatively premiere of the second part in the movie takes place in - April 10, 2020.

It is assumed that the main roles will be presented by Anna Kendrick played in the saga "Twilight", Christopher Mintz-Plasse known for cartoon series "How to Train Your Dragon," Justin Timberlake and Zooey Deschanel of "Brooklyn 9-9."

As we have already said, the script will Jonathan Aibel, who gave the world the first three parts of the cartoon "Kung Fu Panda" and directing Walt Dohrn to create a sequel "Shrek".

The first part of the cartoon "Trolls" greeted warmly, millions of viewers worldwide box office receipts fell short of the expectations of producers, we hope the issue of the exit continue in the near future will be removed, stay tuned.


Stories that turn our world into a fairy tale, immersing in a magnificent adventure. So in this cartoon-stories, where the adventure will begin with a description of the world of the mysterious and fantastic trolls. These beings are in every home.

But for them to have their own danger and threat to life. That is the main character rosette lose all their relatives. But she did not despair and decides to take a trip against fate.

To help come in with a bright troll named Tsvetan. They have become a serious threat to the resistance and Cartilage Senior King. Allowing the release of their loved ones.

Stories must be wonderful and equally fabulous animated story. Shows the existence of the world of trolls. This colorful and vibrant creatures living in every house, in parallel with the existing person.

But for them to have their own risks and dangers which have to survive. So serious adventure awaits the protagonists, which attacked and destroyed the most valuable and vivid emotions, and stolen all the native heart.

Learning of this, the main character, to go to battle and adventure, which should allow it to save their loved ones.

It rosette and create lasting development and the battle with a troll named Tsvetan, against the terrible and insidious King Senior Cartilage. It is magic

Trolls part 2 release date

movie titlerelease date
Trolls 2 April 10, 2020


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