Breaking Bad season 6

The expected continuation of the American drama series created by director Vinsoy Gilligan on the order of AMC channel in 2008.

Release date tv series Breaking Bad season 6 is not declared, the show officially closed - September 29, 2013.

The non-canon plot, the beautiful actor's game, the operator's work - is beyond praise ... All this allows us to consider this work of the American AMC channel as a real multi-part film.

And the highest rating In all serious Breaking bad (on the aggregator of reviews Metacritic rating of the season 74 points out of 100, 2 - 85 out of 100, 3 - 89 out of 100, 4 - 96 out of 100) and 6 Emmy awards (2008-2013 g ,) For the best acting work and video editing of the drama series - an indubitable occasion to get acquainted with him.

The first season from the producer and director Vince Giligan came out in America in 2008 and immediately won spectators' hearts. Giligan was filming a cult fiction series "X-files", which, of course, everyone knows - agents Scully and Mulder were the favorite heroes of many of us.

The phrase "The truth is somewhere near" was on everyone's lips. So, the series In all the heavy Breaking bad is another masterpiece master.


The plot is amazing because the viewer constantly has to determine for himself the unsteady line between good and evil, and in this intertwining of events and destinies to do this sometimes is very difficult.

The plot is twisted around the personality of a fifty-year-old school teacher of chemistry, and the already difficult family life of which (unloved wife and disabled son) presents him with another "surprise" - Walter White has cancer of the lungs, live no more than 2 years.

Realizing that he leaves his family without means of livelihood, the protagonist decides to make a monstrous step - to prepare and sell a batch of high-quality drugs ("blue meth"), thus resolving all his financial problems at once.

As a partner, Mr. White chose a former student (Jesse Pinkman), a methamphetamine addict whom he himself once expelled from school for underachieving. It is these two characters who will have to balance on the brink, realizing their goals and trying not to slide into a bottomless abyss, from which there is no way back.

A loser and clever Walter White can not help but sympathize, despite all the bad things that he will have time to make for intriguing 5 seasons. After all, he honestly worked on two jobs, led the life of a righteous man: he brought up a disabled teenager, tolerated bullying of the boss-tyrant and the stupid indifference of his students.

He adjusted to the complex nature of his wife and her not quite adequate relatives. And what fate has awarded such a good person and a law-abiding citizen - cancer and impending poverty?

In contrast, the positive Mr. White is given a young dunce and lack of talent, Jesse Pinkman, who does not miss the opportunity to get into serious trouble one by one. This entertaining duo will do this!

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