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Namor the Sub Mariner

According to a June 2016 interview Kevin Smith conducted with Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, the Namor film rights have reverted back to Marvel. "Yes, as far as I know yes we do [have them]," he shared. "Yeah, it's not at Fox, it's not at Sony."

One of Marvel's oldest superheroes, The Sub-Mariner, will join his comic compatriots in diving onto the big screen. Price Namor is a short-fused half-human/half-amphibian from the lost island of Atlantis. In the past, he has helped the human race but also fought alongside the Atlanteans against human invaders who brought waste to his underwater world. Caught between two identities, Price Namor displays the classic angst that comes with being of mixed species and is widely regarded as one of the first anti-heroes.

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On IMDb, the Namor the Sub Mariner Movie is listed as "in development". The upcoming release date at the end of 2017 in the US.

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Namor rules! My fav Marvel character by far. So underrated yet he was the first mutant published the first super hero to fly (Superman just leaped in 1939). The first hero to have a superhero confrontation (with human torch). The first antihero, a ladies man, King of over 75% of the earth and predates Batman by a month (Ol Subby came out in MOTION PICTURES FUNNIES WEEKLY APR 1939 Batman was in May). So awesome a character that Gene Rodenberry himself created a Vulcan after his appearance (not the other way around as so many think) The Sub-Mariner was the first antihero and the first mutant ever published.

Looks great, but if it's green lit and you receive a budget or something, I don't know a lot about this kind of film process, you should make the current actor a full time writer and hire a more professional actor. Edit: Nothing against the current actor, it's great he is a fan, but if this movie is gonna take place in the MCU the actor should be able to hold up with actors like Robert Downey JR. Because he is a fan, having him write it would still be awesome. If he has the acting capabilities thou, I am all for him playing the role.

They mentioned they would try to work in their Namor story with what's already been established in the Cinematic Universe which seems to omit the Invaders in its entirety but not necessarily since the Captain America: First Avenger movie never claims to show ALL of his deeds. Also, in the comics, Steve Rogers and Namor are still "friends" as much as Namor is "friends" with anyone from the surface realm.

They need to be professional directors, writers, and actors so far they completely suck. Namor easnt on the shore hi lives underwater they need hire divers, get underwater hd cameras and they are not cheap, trainned dolphins, and people to make animals do things so can really. People give a damn about this movie. Change the stupid wetsuit for the. Speedos green. Change the long hair. For the short hair and you need to work as well with atlantis. Were hi have his castle. And fishespasing through time to time. Its alot of work. And its for professionals not amateurs like you. I dont try to offend you but its the crude truth !

After the news Namor might get his own movie and rumors it's secretly filming, I had to look him up. This was such a great concept you guys did for him. I just hope Marvel's design is close to yours. Amazing work!

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