The Flash season 4

The new season of sci-fi series film studio created "DC Entertainment" and "Warner Bros. Television" in the comic super hero, commissioned by cable television channel "The CW".

Release date tv series The Flash season 4 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - October 7, 2017.

The show about the life of a super hero Barry Allen became one of the most popular TV series ever produced by "DC" studio.

The ending of the last season gave the fan is not enough surprises, leaving a lot of mysteries and secrets that will be revealed in the upcoming season 4.

News that the project is officially extended appeared in autumn 2016, the same executive producer Greg Berlanti gave an interview in which he said that the new series "Flash" will become even more spectacular and interesting.

Recall that this franchise is a spin-offom series "Arrow", besides Barry Allen appears more than once in the series "Supergirl," which is set in the same universe.

In 2016, "DC Entertainment" was presented the project "Legends of tomorrow," a spin-off of the above-mentioned series.


In the new season Flash and his friends get into an alternate reality, it is there to Barry Allen to join the so-called Kid Flash they became Wally West, two super hero will merge into a single whole, but there are good reasons why they can not for a long time to fight back insidious villains .

Where to send the universe was created characters thus the main antagonist of the series Scarlet Speedster. Posters for the fourth season say that many of the characters are waiting for ambitious change, we recall that Flash saved earlier from his own mother's death, but that the dangers lying in wait for Barry and his friends did not decrease.

The creators of the show let slip that a team of heroes will be able to resolve all issues in an alternate reality, but after these events, the life of Allen's ever come back on track, the number of enemies who want his death to increase.

Currently, the issue remains unresolved, the main villain of the fourth season, namely, who will take his role. In continuation, we will meet again, and Captain Cold Killer Frost, moreover acquainted with mirrored master and Magenta.

Autumn 2017 will not only sometimes returning students at their desks, but also become the favorite times to return to the screens of the universe super heroes "DC Comics".

The Flash season 4 release date

Series titleRelease date
4x01Series 1October 7, 2017
4x02Series 2October 14, 2017
4x03Series 3October 21, 2017
4x04Series 4October 28, 2017
4x05Series 5November 4, 2017
4x06Series 6November 11, 2017
4x07Series 7November 18, 2017
4x08Series 8November 25, 2017
4x09Series 9December 2, 2017
4x10Series 10December 9, 2017
4x11Series 11January 19, 2018
4x12Series 12January 26, 2018
4x13Series 13February 2, 2018
4x14Series 14February 9, 2018
4x15Series 15February 17, 2018
4x16Series 16February 24, 2018
4x17Series 17March 3, 2018
4x18Series 18March 10, 2018
4x19Series 19March 17, 2018
4x20Series 20March 24, 2018
4x21Series 21March 31, 2018
4x22Series 22April 7, 2018
4x23Series 23April 14, 2018


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