Sherlock season 5

British TV series was created by "Hartswood", commissioned by the BBC in 2010 based on the works of English writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Release date tv series Sherlock season 5 scheduled, premiere of the new series will be held - January 1, 2018.

On the topic of the legendary detective shot a lot of movies, cartoons, TV series. Even in the Guinness Book of Records Conan Doyle was, as one of the most frequently ekraniziruemyh writers.

But this work is not similar to any of the previous ones. Each season includes 3 series for 1.5 hours. In addition to the off-season studio gives fans a special Christmas issue.

The result was the English so completely modern interpretation based on the books and stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. And Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and Miss Hudson novelty there, even with respect to resemble their earlier characters.


Intrigue, chase, puzzles Sherlock ... still divine genius and Watson - also a doctor, but with a heavy Afghan military background.

Police in London itself refers to Holmes with requests for help from Scotland Yard, as usual, in the span, but Inspector Lestrade - sort of a sweetheart.

This mini-series is quite high ratings, both in his native UK and in Russia. The British press has presented such monsters like The Observer, The Independent, The Guardian has put quite benevolent critics.

The series is even discussed at a meeting of the House of Commons, and ruled that the BBC management should be commended for promoting British culture.

Incidentally, the Russian television series first broadcast channel, the series out on the day of the premiere of the BBC.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch. He is known to us for his role in the 2005 film "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", if someone likes science fiction, in recent years, the popularity and demand of the actor have risen sharply due to the main roles in the films "The Imitation Game" won an Oscar, and "Doctor Strange" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe .

Sherlock season 5 release date

Series titleRelease date
5x00Series 1January 1, 2018
5x01Series 2January 1, 2019
5x02Series 3January 8, 2019
5x03Series 4January 15, 2019



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