The Nine Lives of Chloe King season 2

One of the most anticipated releases - the continuation of the American fantezi series from director Joe Lazarov created the film company "Alloy Entertainment" back in 2011.

Release date tv series The Nine Lives of Chloe King season 2 not assigned, the project is officially closed guidance channel "ABC Family" - August 17, 2011.

Long six years, the number of fans of Chloe King only increased, they have not abandoned hope for the continuation of the history of his beloved heroine.

But unreal time information about the franchise renewal was not, despite the phenomenal success of the series at one time.

And now, after a fairly long period of time, channel, channel executive director of "ABC Family" himself says that Chloe King and her 9 lives would return in the near future, but in the form of a feature film.

We know that events will occur after the 10 episodes of the series of actions, the details of the storyline "Alloy Entertainment" holds in the strictest secrecy.

As soon as the details with regards to the full-length tape, they will necessarily be published, stay tuned and subscribe to our community.

According to some information Starring actors Skyler Samuels familiar to us by newest "Scream Queen" Grace Phipps, Grey Damon, Benjamin Stone and Jolene Andersen.


Events in the project "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" will reveal the story of the life of Chloe King - extraordinary girl sixteen.

Waking up one morning, she finds a real excess force or as commonly called now a super power.

But she soon realizes that the gifted not be easy for her begins to someone to follow soon Chloe opens a secret she is the only survivor of a descendant of the mighty Mayan race, race which is threatened with extinction.

On the Maya being a real hunt assassins, their only goal is to destroy all the representatives of the race, including the girl.

The new film to dot the "I" and tell what fate awaits the brave and courageous girl.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King season 2 release date

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The Nine Lives of Chloe King season 2closed


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